Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions of use1


1.Driving License: The rented vehicle driver must hold a driving license issued at leat one year before the rental date.
2.Age of Driver:The minimum age limit for groups A, B, C drivers must be 21 years of age. For any other vehicle group, the driver must be 25 years and older.
3.Guarantee: The drivers must be holders of a credit card for reasons of guarantee. In case, they do not hold a credit card, they can rent only cars after depositing a guarantee in cash (categories A-B 350€, categories C-D 600€, categories E-F-G-H 1.000€) for the rental, in addition to the rental fee, which shall be refunded to them at the end of the rental.
4.Minimum Rental Period: One day (24 hours), unless there is some other arrangement between the company and the customer. Each hour of delay upon completion of the 24-hour rental shall be charged with 1/6 of the daily rental fee.
5.Kilometres:There is a limit of 100 km per day. Further agreements would be accepted upon request.
6.Fuel Policy:The renter must deliver the car with the same gasoline quantity as it accepted it.
7.Insurance: The rates include third party liability. The drivers are also covered against damages from fire to the rented vehicle.
8.Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): Collision damage waiver is available upon agreement with 9€ per day, as long as the driver does not violate the Greek Traffic Law. Damage to the underside of the car, the wheels and tyres is not covered.
This cost is for :
A Category from 350€ B,C Category from 650€ and
D,E,f,G Category from 1,150€
9.Theft Protection: Is covered only if Collision Damage Waiver is selected
10.Personal Accident Insurance: Insurance for driver and passengers is provided.
11.Changes: In certain special cases, the company is entitled to change the type of the car to an equivalent or higher model type.
12.Traffic Violations: All traffic tickets and any other consequences shall burden the lessee.
13.Transportation by Ship: It is allowed only with prior written agreement.Damages are not coverted in duration of ship Transportation
14.Additional Driver: A charge of 3 euros per day has to be paid for each additional driver.
15.Across the Borders Rentals: Allowed only with prior written agreement.
16.Collection/ Delivery: Available option, by paying a special fee, upon request.
17.Road Assistance: Road assistance is offered to all vehicles.
18.For Reservation: Could be car of the same category

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